Sovereign Wealth Funds Play An Increased Role in Real Estate

Real Estate Sovereign wealth fund worldwide

We seek investment opportunities for large sovereign funds, high-volume operations investment, quality and high profitability.

We work with 84 operating assets of sovereign wealth funds in the world who accumulate some assets amounted to 5.9 billion dollars. Many sectors of interest to sovereign wealth funds, commodities, energies, industrial sector, new tecnoogías and between them stands the property.

Kinos seek, we qualify, select and represent investment operations of SWFs worldwide.

We develop strong relationships with our sovereign clients and appreciate the importance of understanding their specific objectives. In particular we understand that each sovereign wealth fund is unique and needs to be served in a way appropriate to its objectives and distinct cultural and jurisdictional features.

Kinos Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) team brings insight, expertise and specialist knowledge that can help SWFs in improving performance.

The global investment management landscape has witnessed a number of changes. Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) are increasingly seen as active investors, with sophisticated governance structures and investment policies open to new markets and opportunities. At the same time, Private Equity firms (PEs) have started to gain momentum after the global economic downturn with capital calls coming back to pre-recession levels and the largest funds showing improved performance. Explore the factors that lead to successful long-term partnerships between SWFs and PEs.

Ranking SWF Acronyms Country Fundation
1 Government Pension Fund Global GPFN Noruega 1990
2 SAMA Foreign Holdings SAMA Arabia Saudí 1952
3 Abu Dhabi Investment Authority ADIA EAU 1976
4 China Investment Corporation CIC China 2007
5 Kuwait Investment Authority KIA Kuwait 1953
6 Singapore Investment Corporation GIC Singapur 1981
7 State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) SAFE China 1997
8 Temasek Holdings TEMASEK Singapur 1974
9 National Social Security Fund NSSF China 2000
10 Qatar Investment Authority QIA Catar 2005
11 Investment Corporation of Dubai ICD EAU 2006
12 Samruk-Kazyna NSK Kazajstán 2008
13 Dubai World DW EAU 2006
14 Australia Future Fund AGFF Australia 2004
15 National Wealth Fund NWF Rusia 2008
16 Revenue Regulation Fund RRF Argelia 2000
17 National Oil Fund of Republic of Kazakhstan NOFRK Kazajstán 2000
18 Libyan Investment Authority LIA Libia 2006
19 Hong Kong Monetary Authority Inv. HKMA Hong Kong (China) 1993
20 International Petroleum Investment Company IPIC EAU 2000
21 Mubadala Development Company PJSC MUBADALA EAU 2002
22 National Development Fund Iran NDFI Irán 2011
23 Korea Investment Corporation KIC Corea del Sur 2005
24 Alaska Permanent Fund APF EEUU - Alaska 1976
25 Khazanah Nasional Berhard KNB Malasia 1993
26 Brunei Investment Agency BIA Brunei 1983
27 State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) SOFAZ Azerbayán 1999
28 Banque Publique d'Investissement NZSF Francia 2008
29 Texas Permanent School Fund TPSF EEUU - Texas 1854
30 New Zealand Superannuation Fund NZSF Nueva Zelanda 2001
31 National Pensions Reserve Fund NPRFI Irlanda 2001
32 New Mexico State Investment Council SIC EEUU - New Mexico 1958
33 Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund HSTF Canadá 1976
34 Timor-Leste Petroleum Fund TLPF Timor Oriental 2005
35 Fondo de Estabilidad Económica y Social (FEES) FEES Chile 2007
36 State General Reserve Fund SGRF Omán 1980
37 Russian Direct Investment Fund RDIF Rusia 2011
38 Fondo de Estabilización Fiscal FEF Perú 2011
39 Fondo de Reserva de Pensiones FRP Chile 2006
40 Sovereign Fund of Brazil SFB Brasil 2008
41 Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company BSC BMHC Bahréin 2006
42 Permanent Wyoming Mineral Trust Fund PWMTF EEUU - Wyoming 1974
43 Fondo Strategico Italiano FSI Italia 2011
44 Oman Investment Fund OIF Omán 2006
45 Quebec's Generations Fund QGF Canadá 2006
46 Pula Fund PFB Botswana 1994
47 Heritage and Stabilization Fund GSF Trinidad y Tobago 2000
48 Fundo Soberano de Angola FSDEA Angola 2012
49 Alabama Trust Fund ATF EEUU - Alabama 1985
50 Oil Revenues Stabilization Fund of Mexico FEIP Mexico 2000
51 Fonds de Stabilisation des Recettes Budgétaires FSRB República Democratica del Congo 2005
52 Idaho Endowment Fund IEF EEUU - Idaho 1969
53 North Dakota Legacy Fund NDLF EEUU - North Dakota 2011
54 Fondo de Ahorro de Panamá (FAP) FAP Panamá 2011
55 Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority NSIA Nigeria 2011
56 Western Australia Future Fund WAFF Australia 2012
57 Fonds souverain d'investissement stratégiques (FONSIS) FONSIS Senegal 2012
58 Fondo para la Estabilización Macroeconímica (FEM) FEM Venezuela 1998
59 Palestine Investment Fund PIF Palestina 2003
60 State Capital Investment Corporation SCIC Vietnam 2006
61 Revenue Equalization Reserve Fund RERF Kiribati 1956
62 Ghana Stabilization Fund GSF Ghana 2011
63 Ghana Heritage Fund GHF Ghana 2011
64 Agaciro Development Fund ADF Ruanda 2014
65 National Investment Corporation NIC Kazajstán 2012
66 Emirates Investment Authority EIA EAU 2007
67 Abu Dhabi Investment Council ADIC EAU 1999
68 China-Africa Development Fund CADF China 2007
69 Public Investment Fund PIF Arabia Saudí 2008
70 1Malaysia Development Fund Bhd (1MDB) 1MDB Malasia 2009
71 Mauritius Sovereign Wealth Fund MSWF Mauricio 2010
72 Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) Investment Authority RAK EAU 2005
73 Colombia Sovereign Wealth Fund CSWF Colombia 2011
74 Sovereign Fund of the Gabonese Republic SWFGR Gabón 1998
75 Government Investment Unit GIU Indonesia 2006
76 National Fund for Hydrocarbon Reserves NFHRM Mauritania 2006
77 Oil Revenue Stabilization Fund (ORSF) ORSF Sudán del Sur 2008
78 Fund for Future Generations FFG Guinea Ecuatorial 2002
79 Human Development Fund HDF Mongolia 2008
80 National Investment Fund NIFS Siria 2012
81 Permanent Fund for Future Generation PFFG Santo Tomé y Principe 2004
82 Stabilization Fund SFM Mongolia 2011
83 Oman Investment Corporation SAOC Omán 2005
84 Papua New Guinea SWF PNG SWF Papúa Nueva Guinea 2011

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