Success begins with building relationships

Global Operations - Strategic Relationships

Primary objective is the building of long-term relationships based on know-how, trust and confidentiality with major participants in each sector.

Kinos conducts business based on five guiding principles: integrity, entrepreneurship, excellence, innovation and partnership. Building relationships versus simply completing transactions.

Our dedication to our investment philosophy and our commitment to our clients means we:

  • Believe there is no substitute for integrity
  • Embrace transparency of information and open, honest communication with our clients, doing everything we can to make it easy for them to do business with us
  • Base our investment decisions and an unwavering commitment to fundamental, bottom-up analysis on what is ultimately in the best interest of our clients
  • Maintain a long-range view on delivering value with an attractive risk/reward profile.

"More than investing. Invested." means we are focused on building relationships versus simply completing transactions.

Communication with Investors Owners

Relationships are an essential basis for doing business. Get relationships of trust and mutual understanding is fundamental to the achievement of operations. Kinos works and encourages constant communication to achieve results. Trust, confidentiality, credibility.

Kinos employs strong business disciplines throughout the development process to ensure that high standards of quality and performance are attained.

We form collaborative development teams that include leading design and construction firms with deep local experience, international advisors and on-site property management.

People First, Properties Second

Leveraging Kinos experience and leadership, our development teams have worked closely with various stakeholders and planning authorities to deliver contextually sensitive solutions.

While each project is unique in its response to its surroundings and relative markets, Kinos consistently brings vision and commitment to every development. We believe that our focus on the quality of the architecture, the attention to service and the ongoing performance of the development is our reputational trademark.

The ability and confidence to quickly and effectively communicate a corporate story in critical times comes from experience coupled with deep sector expertise – years of working with a diverse set of industry participants, immersion in financial and industry analyst research, and access to a vast range of industry investors and influencers.

Information is power

The team at Kinos Partners has broad sector knowledge, expertise and global relationships with investors, analysts and related media which allow us to respond to both specific and ongoing complex communications challenges to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

Kinos & Partners specializes in long-term, single-tenant triple net leased properties occupied by credit-worthy national or regional tenants many of which are structured as a sale-leaseback arrangement. Our tenant roster includes of myriad of leading domestic and international companies.

Public Relations

Kinos & Partners has a strong track record of successfully forming joint ventures in the acquisition of existing assets, construction of new developments, build-to-suit projects for single or multiple tenants, sale-leaseback transactions and adaptive reuse of existing assets.

Kinos seeks strong local partners whose depth of market knowledge and contacts produce a competitive advantage in sourcing, negotiating, financing, closing and operating well-located properties with outsized return potential. Successful joint venture partnerships include both national and international collaborations. One such partnership involved the development of multiple commercial assets throughout metropolitan Spain.

Strategic Alliance and global connections

Investing in Relationships. Kinos Group has been delivering consistent results and capital to clients for more than 10 years. We focus on building lasting relationships that endure through economic and industry cycles, making us a reliable and trusted financial partner to companies and investors worldwide.

What is the essence of the relations? Relationships, and the conditions for them to flourish. A nurturing environment, that enables our people to excel at crafting solutions for you.


That clients success determines our own. So we ensure both by clients' success determines our collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals.


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