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Kinos is a leading global investment manager

About us

Kinos is one of the largest diversified global real estate managers with focus in Spain . Investment Advisory Company, focus on RE acquisition/sales/rent & asset management for Private Equity Funds, Pension funds, Family Offices and private high net worth companies and individuals.

Kinos is a leading global investment manager with a long history of innovation and a focus on real assets, including real estate, infrastructure and commodities, along with preferred securities and other income solutions.

Our investors are based primarily in Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East and include institutional, family office and high net worth investors.


About Broker services

Kinos & Partners is the single largest, most powerful global network of owner-operated commercial and business real estate brokerage firms.

Our member firms, leaders in their local markets, are actively managed to work in unison and provide you with exceptional solutions to your investments and real estate needs – both locally and globally.

We work you maximize the value of your real estate assets through the investment life cycle.

About Developers services

Build-to-Suit Financing

  • Looking for financing, Kinos provides a growing company, we look for the funding or investors for the expansion of an existing facility or the construction of a new facility in a different location. We can source, arrange, structure and close the build-to-suit transaction.

Securing and enhacing the value of your developments

  • Expanding existing facilities/constructing new facilities
  • Debt reductions
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Leveraged/management buyouts
  • Corporate restructuring/exit financing
  • Acquiring addition facilities, technology and equipment to grow business
  • Transition out of a synthetic lease, mortgage or other binding debt instrument
  • Matching long-term assets with long-term liabilities

Kinos Group is a principal real estate investment and consulting firm. As a principal investor and an investment manager, Kinos provides capital allocation, asset acquisition, and capital management services. As a real estate operator, Kinos provides asset management and partners provides finance and accounting services.

Through the sponsorship of its highly capitalized real estate investment funds, Kinos seeks attractive, risk-adjusted returns on behalf of itself and qualified investors. Kinos investment activities focus on operationally intensive forms of real estate and capital intensive entrepreneurial opportunities, with the majority of the firm's activities devoted to assets in the multifamily housing, office and retail sectors.

Kinos Group also provides sophisticated real estate investment consulting and advisory services that are second to none. As a real estate investment advisor, Kinos has the experience and knowledge to provide consulting services that leave our clients feeling secure that they are making the right investment decisions. Whether we are dealing with institutional investors, private or public equity funds, or high net-worth individuals, Kinos is dedicated to catering to the needs of each client at every level.

About Investors services

Real Estate Investment Managers and Advisors:

  • We acquire and manage commercial real estate for a range of global investors.
  • We advise investors on real estate capital structures and provide debt and equity solutions.
  • The Kinos team has over 60+ combined years of full deal lifecycle experience, across all risk return spectrum (core, value add, opportunistic and special situations) and market conditions.

Demonstrated Success

  • Kinos Groups’s founding partners collectively have over €500 millions in real estate transactions across Spain.

Investment Strategy

  • We invest in real estate sectors we know, and value depth over breadth.
  • We work with like-minded investors who share our investment philosophy and style.
  • Create Value: Through Active Asset Management.
  • Preserve Capital: Through Downside Protection.

Benefits for the Investor

  • We involve investors in investment decisions, structuring, strategy and exit.
  • Economically aligned interests.
  • Leveraging our international network to source investment and capital.
  • Regular communication with our Investment Partners.

About Relations services

Integrity, Quality, Values. Investing in Relationship, Face to Face. We are ready to share our market knowledge and expertise with you in order to satisfy yours objectives. Primary objective is the building of long-term relationships based on know-how, trust and confidentiality with major participants in each sector.

Kinos employs strong business disciplines throughout the development process to ensure that high standards of quality and performance are attained. We form collaborative development teams that include leading design and construction firms with deep local experience, international advisors and on-site property management. Leveraging Kinos’s experience and leadership, our development teams have worked closely with various stakeholders and planning authorities to deliver contextually sensitive solutions.

While each project is unique in its response to its surroundings and relative markets, Kinos consistently brings vision and commitment to every development. We believe that our focus on the quality of the architecture, the attention to service and the ongoing performance of the development is our reputational trademark.

The ability and confidence to quickly and effectively communicate a corporate story in critical times comes from experience coupled with deep sector expertise – years of working with a diverse set of industry participants, immersion in financial and industry analyst research, and access to a vast range of industry investors and influencers.

The team at Kinos Partners has broad sector knowledge, expertise and global relationships with investors, analysts and related media which allow us to respond to both specific and ongoing complex communications challenges to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

  • Investment Banks
  • Life Insurance Companies
  • Commercial Banks
  • REITS-Socimis
  • Pension Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Investment Managers
  • Sovereign Wealth Investors
  • Hedge Funds / Venture Capital
  • Multi-Strategy Funds
  • Family Office
  • Hight Net worth Individuals
  • Money Management Advisors
  • Local Owners & Operators
  • Real Estate Companies

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